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IT Support has changed – So have we

Over the years, our IT support service has changed from a reactive to a proactive managed services role. As your IT services provider, our approach is to bring together all the functions of the previous IT landscape, along with enhanced services to combat device and data security in an ever-changing platform-agnostic environment.

With Mac Support London onboard your business benefits from our processes and tools which monitor threats with predictive AI-based alerts and capabilities. In addition, we will define the security policies that will secure yours, and more importantly, your clients’ data, into the future and beyond.

Email Administration

Cloud email services are no longer something that can be set and forget. Socially engineered fraud is rising fast, and the attack vectors are constantly changing. Plus, bad actors and hackers are finding new and creative ways to exploit you and your clients’ data.

This new security landscape requires proactive monitoring and predictive tools to understand and respond to new and ever more creative threat vectors. Our email administration services offer best in class prevention and monitoring. With Mac Support London your company’s reputation is protected when you use our managed services.

Device Monitoring

Our award-winning device monitoring tools give us a 360-degree view of all your devices to track and manage issues within your network in real-time. These tools provide us with intelligence and real-time reporting of various hardware and software metrics across all types of hardware profiles.

Therefore, we are often ahead of the problems before you experience any impact, as a result, we can provide insights and apply knowledge confidently and efficiently. With Mac Support London onboard you get a team of experts, best in class services, with devices, hardware, and software working for you at optimal levels.

Business Continuity

Data security is our no.1 priority. We’ll consult with you to design data retention policies across devices and services to make sure ALL your important data is protected against potential threats and data loss scenarios. Together, we will ensure you and your clients’ data are always secure and available.

Service Desk

Our IT help desk has evolved. It’s no longer about recording a problem or navigating a phone system or company structure to get to the people that are effective. Now, when you have an issue, you get high-quality personnel, quick and easy processes to request new services, and fast results.

Enjoy a better service experience when you submit requests and relax knowing that your issue will be dealt with efficiently and effectively. With Mac Support London all your infrastructure and software will be integrated with your teams, whether they are using Mac’s or PC’s, we’re the IT support partner to keep your business moving in the right direction.

Secure and Protect Your Systems Without Lifting a Finger

That’s what working with a full-service IT support team like Mac Support London does for your business. We’ll put in place the systems and solutions to secure your network and protect your data. We’ll be proactively tracking and protecting your ecosystem with our experts monitoring your IT landscape, so you don’t have to.

Take Advantage of Seamless Mac & Windows Support

While we specialise in Mac Support, we know that members of your team could be using either a Mac or a PC. That’s why we support businesses and teams that use both operating systems and related software. With our expertise, you’re guaranteed more seamless integrations within your business systems and processes so that you can enjoy more efficiencies in your operations.

Kick-off Projects without the IT Hassles

We’ve worked with our clients to plan and execute IT projects with minimal disruption. Our projects have ranged from new cloud strategies to legacy migrations, Our IT Project consultancy service manages, office relocations, server upgrades and installations, and more. Let us work with you to plan your next project, get strategic guidance aligned with your business strategy, and enjoy seamless transitions to new services.